Building a New Home

Tips for Building a New Home on a Budget

I've been getting more questions and emails from readers who want to know how I built my dream home on a budget. The journey to building a new home has been a roller coaster many highs and so many lows. But it was so worth it. Building a new home is so exciting and if you're a planner like me, you have many pinterest boards, lists, notebooks and ideas running through your head. Your family and friends are probably sick of you talking about it so it's nice to have a group of like-minded people who get it and are on the same journey as you are. I totally get you girl! That's why I decided to put together a dedicated space right here to answer your questions and share my personal story.

I remember searching on google and pinterest for tips and ideas of building a dream home. What I found was a lot of amazing, breath taking photos and posts of dream homes that were WAY out of my budget. Don't get me wrong, those posts gave me inspiration but they didn't help me figure out how I was going to get it done on a budget. There was also a lot of tips for people who were building on their land and going the custom build route. Again, that wasn't me! There were many nights that my husband and I felt discouraged and thought that this dream wasn't going to be possible for our family.

I would wake up dreaming about our new home and go to bed thinking about it, and I trusted that in God's timing it would happen for our family. I continued to dream + pin to my Forever Home pinterest board, pray and we educated ourselves on the possible builders and communities we could move to. We had lots of time to educate ourselves....I'm talking almost two years...a whole 22 months. I think we knew every builder's sales consultant by name. Did I think or want it to take that long? Heck no! There was a lot of things that had to come together first so I kept praying about it, working towards our goal and asked the Lord to lead us to right community for our family. And he did. Isn't God's timing always perfect?!

I hope that some of my blog posts are helpful to you whether you're in the early stages of deciding to build a home or buy existing or even if you've already chosen your builder and signed the purchase agreement.

Best of luck as you go through the process of building your home. Enjoy the highs and the lows because there's definitely JOY in all the moments. If you have questions, I'm happy to answer them. I would also love to hear about your experience and if you have any tips and ideas for building a new home.